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Shipping Container Depot offers custom container modifications at our facility or done on site at your home or business

Shipping Container Depot is the leading retail supplier to the public for new and used shipping containers purposed for your storage and shipping container needs. We offer unbeatable wholesale prices including fast delivery, reliable customer service, storage container relocations and modifications done to your container at our facility or on site at your home or business.

Shipping and Storage Containers For Sale

Welcome to Shipping Container Depot! We’re very pleased you stopped by; and we encourage you to leisurely browse through our online site and familiarize yourself with the vast array of shipping containers we provide. If you are looking for shipping or storage containers that are new, used or refurbished that have been manufactured under stringent ISO specifications, then you’ve come to the right place! We pride ourselves in being able to deliver shipping container options that cater to every personal or business demand! Do you have need for a container to be relocated? Not a problem! We will be happy to do that for you, as well.

Shipping Container Depot remains a frontrunner in the shipping and storage container industry; and we are known for our guaranteed wholesale prices with ISO shipping containers, portable storage and freight cargo containers. Our desire is to continuously pass wholesale savings onto our customers; and we accomplish that through our unyielding efforts to eliminate the middle-man and brokers. Shipping Container Depot also guarantees that our new/used (except for ‘As/Is)/refurbished/cargo-worthy containers for sale or lease will be delivered in certified wind and water-tight or cargo worthy condition!

Our highly-reliable ISO-grade steel containers--whether intended for storage or shipping--are available for purchase or hire; and are acquired directly from shipping lines all across the United States and the world. In addition, Shipping Container Depot will be happy to perform customized modifications to your shipping and storage containers, either at our facility in Los Angeles and Oakland California or at your personal residence or business address. Catering to our customers and keeping them highly-satisfied with our products and services remains our #1 goal!

Types of Shipping and Storage Containers:

Whether you require smaller shipping and storage containers or larger, you can choose from 10-foot lengths up to 45-foot length options. We provide the following:

1:New Containers:

‘Single-Trip’ Containers:
Shipping Container Depot offers ‘single-trip’ shipping and storage containers for sale in the Los Angeles area and throughout the United States. Industry standards dictate that ‘one-trip’ containers are the only type that can be designated as ‘new’. To provide a bit of clarity, ‘one-trip’ containers are shipped from other countries to the United States carrying a single load or these containers have made only one voyage across the ocean. One-trip shipping and storage containers are available in three lengths: 10-foot, 20-foot and 40-foot selections. Feel free to contact our office for further details!

2:Used Containers:

‘As/Is’ Containers:

Our ‘As-Is’ shipping and storage containers offer the most affordable, ‘used’ option. Though these items are not supplied with a wind/water-tight guarantee, we are very selective and choose only those used containers that were originally manufactured under very strict ISO production standards.

‘Wind/Water-Tight’ Containers:

The Wind & Water-Tight grade provide the most economically-priced option of containers that have an accompanying guarantee; and that guarantee applies to on-site storage usage. It assures our customers that their Wind & Water Tight containers are covered for a minimum of 2 years from the purchase date. Additionally, we provide coverage for on-site repairs at no further cost. Though some restrictions apply, we will be happy to discuss our generous guarantees with you!

The WWT containers are anywhere from 7-15 years in age and have been retired by shipping lines which have offered them to the retail market.

Cargo-Worthy Containers:

Are you looking to purchase a Cargo-Worthy shipping or storage container? If so, this is an excellent choice; and these incredibly rugged receptacles have the advantage of having been inspected by a certified marine surveyor. The surveyor’s professional inspection confirms a container’s structural integrity and stout durability—exactly what one would expect and require to ship cargo overseas, without concerns. Marine certification is mandated by shipping lines for container-transport, abroad. Even if no overseas shipping is anticipated, having marine-certification pledges that you are receiving a unit that will last for years to come!

3: Refurbished Containers:

If refurbished containers are what you’re searching for, you’ll be pleased to know that Shipping Container Depot offers the lowest-prices on fully-refurbished containers! Our renovated-container inventory includes only quality units that are structurally-sound and undamaged. We scrutinize all units prior to our purchasing them and each accepted unit undergoes a thorough renovation by our skilled staff.


Our inspection team thoroughly examines the floors and will accept only those units that possess the original marine-grade plywood flooring material. We see to it that all flooring is absolutely intact, void of any previous repairs that might have occurred using a different type of wood.


Each refurbished container is subjected to an exhaustive detailing process where any indications of rust are completely removed, both inside and out. Any previous rust spots and rough edges are sanded to create a smooth finish.


A new coat of paint is professionally applied and the container looks new once again!


All doors are inspected for any possible malfunctions and are then lubricated to ensure effortless- functionality. Worn or cracked rubber door-seals are replaced to make certain the container is air-tight.

4: Customized Shipping and Storage Containers:

As stated earlier, Shipping Container Depot provides a variety of customized modifications for your shipping and storage containers at our Los Angeles and Oakland location or a location of your choice. You may choose between the following:

  • turbine or louver vents--for heat ventilation
  • roll-up doors, double doors, pedestrian doors, sliding doors--in various sizes, providing easy access
  • lock-box--for theft protection
  • electric packages--for lighting and power
  • partitions and shelving--to provide organizational options for your personal belongings or commodities
  • windows& skylights—to deliver natural lighting
  • HVAC—for comfortable temperature control
  • office containers/living quarters - shipping containers converted into offices & living quarters

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Our team at Shipping Container Depot would love to hear from you! We will be more than happy to address any inquiries you might have. There are a number of ways you can reach us:

If you are in the Los Angeles area, stop by at any time—we’d love to meet you and discuss your options!

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